Cannabis Jobs: A Boom

In 2018, The Farm Bill was passed that legalized producing, selling, and buying of cannabinol (CBD), or more accurately, CBD from the hemp plant. Almost 50 states in the US can now trade and consume CBD. CBD from marijuana is also made legal in 11 states, including Washington DC. Due to this bill, the Cannabis industry is growing, which means there is also a requirement for workers. (1)

Due to the legalization of CBD in the country, every job in the USA can be limitated into the Cannabis industry.

Moreover, other countries have been taking steps towards legalizing cannabis as well. BDS analytics analyzed that if cannabis is legalized in other countries, worldwide spending will increase by 39.1% by 2019. This outcome is possible due to the increased spending of adults on cannabis products. (1,2)

The opportunities regarding job seekers and entrepreneurs are available in all sorts of careers. Workers are needed for farming and manufacturing CBD, which gives out job opportunities to daily wagers. Other opportunities include as a salesperson in a dispensary or selling it online. People can launch their own brands and sell them online, creating entrepreneurs. With IT booming in the world, technology is being used to manufacture and sell CBD as well. Whole marketing to human resource department opportunities is available for this industry. Thousands of job opportunities related to the cannabis industry have been made accessible to people. Many professionals are choosing the cannabis industry as their career path.

Alongside legalizing Cannabis in 11 states, 33 other states allowed the use of cannabis as an antiemetic drug for their medical treatments. The Leafly also reported that currently, 211,000 Americans are doing jobs in the cannabis industry as cultivators, manufacturers, and farmers. The boom in the jobs of cannabis was more of secondary jobs where they did not even have to touch the cannabis. All sectors benefited from this boom, primary, secondary and tertiary sectors had experienced a raise in their jobs and paychecks.

With this, Cannabis jobs are also available in Rhode Island. Canamed Cannabis Co has also hired many workers related to cannabis jobs, for their online store, to their dispensary at Rhode Island, as a logistic man, or for their marketing. Cannabis Jobs are available now and if you seek a future in this, apply now.


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