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CBD for Cats and Dogs

According to Veterinarians around the world, Customers have noticed life changing effects with CBD.

CBD for Cats and Dogs
Like Humans, CBD carries the same benefits in animals too. It doesn’t matter whether we are focussing on the mental health of our animals or trying to relieve their pain; CBD has its benefits. A Lot of research has been done recently to discover how efficacious a CBD ingredient can be in coping animals, their behavior, and their physiological health. The results were as impressive as we got in humans. In this article, we will discuss how CBD has been used widely in different pets, including cats and dogs.
Cats are one of the friendly pets of humans. Their physical health, mental health, and spiritual health are very important to us. Do you know, our jumping, climbing cats, can sometimes break their tendons, and it all results in severe excruciating pains and have a havoc impact on their mental health. Allopathic medicine, full of side effects, can cure the pain, but can you believe it can leave hundreds of side effects on your cat. CBD is a natural and pure alternative to such medications that can be used in cats and have miraculous results. They help relieve the pain, have a positive impact on your cat’s mental health, and relax your pet’s muscles. Both topical oils and oral chewable tablets are available. CBD oils are more effective in healing inflammation, but for quick relief, it is better to use oral tablets. (2)

Our cats can also experience anxiety just like we humans do. The causes of this can be anything ranging from the addition of a new baby in our homes to chronic anxiety from health problems or previous trauma. Pacing, hiding, panting, and other unusual behaviors may be signs of cat anxiety. Anxiety can result in symptoms such as destructive behavior, accidents, and even aggression if left untreated. CBD inhibits the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers unwanted anxiety behaviors. In addition, it calms your cat’s endocannabinoid system. CBD is one of the best supplements available on the market to combat cat anxiety and can help decrease both cat anxiety symptoms and its effects. 

Most people think that arthritis affects dogs, but arthritis affects both dogs and cats equally. You might notice your cat moving slower, isn’t jumping as high or has other mobility issues. A cat’s comfort and quality of life can be compromised by arthritis if left untreated. Cats can develop arthritis at any age. Since CBD targets the brain’s vanilloid receptor, it is particularly effective for cats with arthritis. In addition to reducing chronic pain and increasing your cat’s mobility, desensitizing this receptor reduces pain perception. 

Dogs are the most faithful and trustworthy pets one can own. Most of the time, they show obnoxious behavior when parted from their owners. This mental disorder is called separation anxiety. Your dog may show elements of bizarre behavior, depression, soiling, vocalization, and anxiety. Recent research has proved that CBD can be used to calm down your dog affected by separation anxiety. It acts directly on the higher center of our brain and tries to calm down things. (3)

CBD hasn’t been proven to treat dogs scientifically, but anecdotal evidence suggests it can treat pain, especially neuropathic pain, and control seizures. CBD in dogs has a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits are present following:
●      CBD in dogs has proven to be beneficial in fighting infections in dogs.
●      CBD can be used for its anti-inflammatory properties in dogs.
●      Nausea in dogs can also be treated with CBD.
●      If you are a dog owner, you would know how big of a problem itchiness is in dogs. CBD has also shown some benefits in dealing with itchiness in dogs.
●      Degenerative myelopathy is a disease or a condition that affects the spinal cord in dogs and ends up causing weakness or paralysis in dogs. CBD has shown some effectiveness against this disease.
●      CBD can cause appetite stimulations in dogs which in turn helps the dog is eating properly.
●      Like in Humans, Anxiety has a lot of harmful impacts on dogs. But CBD has also proved to be beneficial in treating anxiety in dogs as well. CBD plays an important role in changing the dog’s behavior, making it happy and anxiety-free.
●      CBD has cardiac benefits in dogs.
●      CBD has shown effectiveness in the bone healing of certain animals.
●      Some cases suggest that CBD has some anti-cancer benefits in dogs as well.
●      Arthritis is the inflammation in joints. Like in humans, arthritis can be very harmful to dogs also. CBD has shown positive results in treating arthritis.
●      Inflammatory bowel disease may also be treated with CBD.
CBD stores in Rhode Island have all the products available that can be used to treat animal and human pathologies. So why not grab your CBD product and set things at ease!