How can the weather affect your health?

The weather has always been a challenge for us. No matter if it’s in the form of disasters, floods, tornados, mood swings, or diseases. Have you ever thought about how the weather affects our health? Any idea how it affects our surroundings in the form of deleterious mental health disorders. Well, about 90 percent of our population have no idea regarding it. In this article, we will discuss how weather affects our health, how it is the root cause behind diseases, and what are the different remedies to get over it.

Starting from systemic diseases, weather can bring disasters. From the mighty transitions from winters to summers and autumn to writers, the change in moisture content and smog can lead to harmful lung diseases like asthma, COPD, and even lung malignancies. Not even these diseases are constrained to the lungs but they have a great impact on other organs of the body. Summer seasons are associated with cardiovascular disorders like blood pressure, myocardial infarctions, and anginas. It is because the hot weather imparts a great strain on the heart which eventually results in its compromised function.

All of us are quite familiar with seasonal allergies which happen more often during the changing weather. From getting pollen allergies to getting dust allergies, all are associated somehow with the weather transitions. Weather also has a great impact on the muscles of our body. Some people complain of excessive tiredness, pain, and fatigue in the extreme winter season. Many of us ignore these sore points and associate them with overworking. But how many of us can know the reality behind it? Weather transitions result in the tightening of muscles of the body and it eventually results in migraines, headaches, pains, and other disorders.

Summer seasons are mostly associated with dry skin because of loss of water and dehydration in the body. Most people can suffer from heat strokes as a result of it. Mental health disorders are the worst of all that can come up with seasonal transitions. Seasonal affective disorders are mostly associated with weather transitions and may result in anxiety, depression, and low mood. Apart from these many normal mood disorders can be associated with the winter seasons. They are normal and can get better with time.

Joints also respond to the harshness of weather. It’s hard to believe but every 40th person out of one lakh people is suffering from rheumatological disorders in the form of Rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus. These conditions are strongly associated with the harshness of weather. Flares of rheumatological diseases are associated with extremes of winters and summer.

A wide variety of weather is observed in Rhode Island year-round, which is a US state in New England. Weather in Rhode Island can be briefly summarized as cold and snowy winters, warm summers, and cloudy throughout the year. However, the temperature fluctuations are very frequent, and consistent weather throughout the month is rather an exception for this region. (3) According to data published in 2017, approximately 27.4% of Rhode Island’s population has been diagnosed with arthritis. As discussed previously, the weather has a substantial impact on health conditions and may serve as a trigger in diseases such as arthritis. Given evidence also suggests that the island’s population suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Crohn’s disease, and various other disorders, are affected by temperature changes relatively more than the normal population. 

CBD products can be used to cure all of these disorders. Starting from mood disorders, CBD acts on a specific area of the brain and boosts our mood. That’s the reason it is used in the treatment of seasonal affective disorders. Coming up to the inflammatory conditions, CBD plays an important role in coping up with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and other joint disorders. Cannabidiol is a widely used therapeutic agent that reduces pain and inflammation by reducing the production and function of cells responsible for it.

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